About Us

Let’s talk. On your schedule, on your terms.

We believe that’s how it all starts – with clear and consistent communication.

We take great pride in our pragmatic, disciplined approach to investing and advising clients. We are equally diligent about listening and responding to our clients’ financial needs and objectives, providing independent thought, and encouraging an open exchange of ideas.

We have the courage of our convictions. We don’t shy away from providing strong advice based on the depth of our knowledge. Our professionals each average 25 years of experience, in fact.

And make no mistake: at Napatree Capital we are held to the highest fiduciary standard, which ensures we are always working in your best interest.

It’s one big reason why so many recommend us.

And now a word on word-of-mouth.

Chances are, that’s why you’re here. Someone you trust said you should consider us. And what’s more valuable than that?

When people recommend you, they’re putting their personal reputation on the line. We’ve earned that trust. And we will continue to earn it. We will work hard to help you reach your thoughtfully articulated goals. We will deliver. We’re proud to say we do, every day.

And we’re proud to say thank you. Let’s talk.