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We have no way of knowing when the strongest days for stocks will occur, but missing the 20 best days in this ten-year period cost and investor a whopping 50%

Third Quarter Recap

November 2, 2021

Below is the performance of major indices through the end of September.  A few themes to highlight:  Russell 2000, which is an index of small, public companies (small caps), has appreciated nearly 50% in the past year. We believe the strength of this segment of the market is characteristic of investors having a healthy risk […]

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Halftime Report

July 27, 2021

Let’s start with a recap of 2021 thus far. It is hard to imagine that a little more than a year ago investors were emerging from sheer panic selling as the world struggled with the pandemic. But such is the cycle of investing; typically, that panic sets the stage for strong gains, and here we […]

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Heightened Volatility: Stay the Course

May 16, 2021

In our last quarterly commentary, “A Nervous Bull”, we discussed how a little bit of investor worry actually fuels a bull market. The volatility of the past week has not changed our opinion. In fact, we believe the type of pullback we are seeing in stocks is a welcome event and should propel the market […]

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This week our investment committee looked at the recent employment data as our economy booms. Napatree Capital

Time to Make the Donuts

May 14, 2021

In 1984 there was a popular commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts, featuring an exhausted baker who proclaimed daily, “time to make the donuts”. For nostalgia’s sake it can be viewed here on YouTube. That phrase, because of the popularity of that ad, became synonymous with “time to go to work” in the mid-to-late eighties.  This week […]

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A recent addition to the Focused Value portfolio: Molson Coors

A Recent Addition to the Focused Value Portfolio

May 7, 2021

We have talked with many of you about Napatree Capital’s flagship Focused Value strategy. Focused Value currently owns 47 high quality companies that in our analysis, have been temporarily underestimated and mispriced by the market. The following is a brief analysis behind a recent addition to the Focused Value portfolio: Molson Coors (symbol: TAP).  Our investment team continually […]

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Looking Ahead: The Case for Active Management - Napatree Capital Wealth Management

Looking Ahead: The Case for Active Management

April 30, 2021

In this week’s brief, we thought it might be interesting to share our most recent investments in our flagship Focused Value equity strategy. These four investments, shown below in descending chronological order, are Healthcare Services Group (HCSG), Molson Coors (TAP), PlayAGS (AGS), and Rent-A-Center (RCII). As illustrated below, the longer our holding period, the greater the […]

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